Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's In a Name?

Since we here at The Feminist Underground are fond of talking roller derby (see posts here and here), I thought it my duty to bring this to the attention of our readers. Oh the things that will bring about a lawsuit: Frito-Lay suing roller derby skater over use of 'Crackerjack'
Colleen Bell says no one's ever confused her with a snack.

Her roller derby name, Crackerjack, is too similar to the name of their famous caramel popcorn and nut snack (the one that comes in a box with a prize).

The way Bell sees it, "Crackerjack" and "Cracker Jack" can't reasonably be linked.

"(Crackerjack) is a slang from the beginning of the century for an exceptional person or thing," she said. It's also the name of a '50s rockabilly song, which was her original inspiration

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:-jon said...

Starbucks sued the Rat City RollerGirls up in Seattle.