Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heirloom Tomato, Please

It is true that I have often thought I should have been born into a European culture. There are many things that appeal to me: an awesome mass transit system, vacation time that encourages something beyond work, a deep sense of culture/family, and the immediate access to fruits of the earth. The latter really is more at the top of the list. I appreciate the ability to walk out the door and reach a local butcher, baker, and/or produce shop. Apparently Michele Obama approves as well.

The Nation has an article that outlines the concept of healthy eating here.

Now, by publicly championing fresh local food, Michelle Obama clearly hopes to entice Americans away from their junk food past to a healthier, more delicious future. And that is what makes her message so far-reaching. Change America's eating habits and you can change the world.

Shifting to a greener diet would be good not only for the health of America's children and families but the health of the planet. The American diet, and the food production and distribution system that supports it, is one of the main drivers of global warming and a host of related hazards, from deforestation to air, soil and water pollution. Most people know by now that our civilization must fundamentally change the way it produces and consumes energy if we are to stop global warming. Far fewer people realize that it is equally important to change the way we produce and consume food.

I'm on board with a green revolution. I don't see me growing my own garden because I am not all that much of a green thumb. However, we are looking forward to the first weekend of May because that is when the local farmer's market makes its yearly return. We have indeed bought some of the sweetest locally grown, organic tomatoes from there. So, on this Earth Day, hop on board with First Lady Obama and do what you can to return to the earth, grow or shop organic and healthy. It does a body good.

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Agincourt said...

Hear hear! Nice post Maus! There are some really good tomatoes and local honey to be had here!