Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sex Sells... Sobriety?

Perhaps they have good intentions, but this 'ambient ad' from Arrive Alive makes me feel nauseated. A half passed-out young woman in an otherwise all-male space does make me worry, but not about traffic accidents. Can the makers of this ad seriously hope that this will serve as a warning against the dangers of drunk driving? Why sexualize the intoxicated lass who is supposed to show us the error of our ways? Why the provocative pose? For that matter, if the ad is to be placed in the men's bathroom, wouldn't it be more effective to use a male model who would more closely resemble the supposed target audience? Perhaps the point is that if you see this image as anything other than grossly inappropriate, then you are too intoxicated to reach for your keys?

Seem a bit more like fun with voyeurism than a genuine attempt to get people to evaluate their own sobriety before getting into a car. But hey, as long as we can moralize while we objectify, it's OK, right? (Via Jezebel)

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