Friday, March 6, 2009

Poor Start to the Weekend

My only hope is that the word on the street is wrong when it comes to Prop8 being upheld in California. The quote that pissed me off the most is this:

"Proposition 8 does not erode any of the bundle of rights that this state has very generously provided" to same-sex couples.

- Kenneth Starr, lawyer for Protect Marriage, the sponsor of Prop.

Oh really? Well how frickin' nice to be allowed to maintain some generously provided but apparently not fundamentally deserved human rights.

I need a beer.


Maggie said...

If it helps at all, it's not reliable to use judges comments in oral argument as a sign of where they'll come down. They often play devil's advocate to the argument they actually support to see how it holds up. All the hubbub is pointless until we get an actual decision. We'll just keep our fingers crossed.

On a different note, I was actually surprised at how the coverage of the arguments focused so much on the "rights" issue which made up only one part of the argument. The other was a very technical, procedural issue but I heard virtually nothing about it. Not sure if it's the media or if that's what the arguments themselves were actually like.

habladora said...

Kenneth Starr is such a poop-head.

Casmall said...

Is this the SAME Kenneth Star or are we suffering some sort of wrath-of -God like plague?