Friday, February 27, 2009

I Like Obama's Conscience

Alright folks, good news for this Friday:

Word on the street is that Obama will be repealing Bush’s last-minute anti-choice “conscience” rule. I wrote about the rule a few months ago, and my pro-choice wish for the new administration was for them to take repro rights seriously, so I'm thrilled to hear that he's taking action.

NARAL is asking everyone to send Obama thank you notes for taking a stand for women's reproductive rights.



Noticed said...

Thanks for sharing! This is indeed great news.


Definitely good news. We're so frustrated with some of the debates we've had lately about this "conscience" issue, we're ready to go apply for jobs at Focus on the Family and the American Life League and then tell our new bosses that we can't participate in their anti-choice activism because it's against our consciences, but they should totally still let us keep our jobs anyway.