Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dueling Obama Ads: Vote Now!

Alright, I'll say it - I liked the Obama spot last night. My mom, on the other hand, loved it - loved it! She phoned me afterward to call the election for Obama, claiming that no one will vote McCain after seeing the Obama spot, and that everyone saw it. I hope she's right.

Me, I'd have to say that - while I liked the spot last night -my favorite official Obama promotion is this one calling on voters to make history. If Obama wins, Jeff Yang makes the case over at NPR that Obama would not only be our nation's first Black president but, with roots in Indonesia and Hawaii, he could be thought of as the first (culturally) Asian American president as well (you'll have to listen to if you want to be convinced, the write-up at NPR's site is pretty weak). Now if he could only be part woman... ;) :

Did you know that, according to a Pew Hispanic study from last July (2008), Obama enjoys the support of 66 percent of Latino voters? As Latina Lista explains:

From everything that has been reported, Latinos sided with Obama and the Democratic party for three main reasons:

1. The pledge to help middle-class American families with taxes, funding college education for their children and the economy.
2. The pledge to get more families healthcare coverage.
3. The pledge to bring about immigration reform

While immigration may not be on the top of every Latino voter's list, it is still among the top 3 issues that are important to Latinos and did initially serve as the impetus for many immigrant advocates/bloggers/voters to throw their support behind Obama.

With that, I'd like to introduce my all-time favorite Obama ad:

And finally, I think that perhaps the most powerful Obama ad this season isn't even about Obama, but about Joe Biden:


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Dee said...

It is impossible for me not to be infected by my mother's enthusiasm for Obama. She has been to his rallies, donated to his campaign, joined up as a volunteer, encouraged her neighbours to vote for him and has already voted early in FLORIDA. She can't get enough.

If I send her this Joe Biden video, she is going to go ballistic, cementing further (if that is possible) her disgust with McCain. How could he!